Beach Monitoring


Friends of Sapelo are diligent about doing their part to help maintain Sapelo’s pristine beaches.

Beach SlooDSC_0960p Monitoring, a quarterly activity performed by FOS volunteers, provides valuable information on a national level of the effects of shifting sands and shoreline.  With 10 years of data collected and archived it is noted that this Georgia barrier island has been moving in
a southwesterly direction  on an average of 1 1/2 – 2 feet per year.



Beach Sweeping is an opportunity for you to spend the morning on the beach picking up trash or treasures. Beach Sweep 2014 You never know what you might find! One Saturday a month, FOS members travel on the 8:30 ferry to go to Nanny Goat beach and pick up trash.  Over the years, working with DNR and local shrimpers FOS have been instrumental in helping to identify the source of and stopping trash being dumped in our waters.


Check the events calendar for future Beach Slope Monitoring and Beach Sweep events.