Solar Energy on Sapelo


The long term atmospheric monitoring station GA 33 operated by the SINERR and located on Sapelo Island near the Teal Marsh is OFF the grid!

Since 2002, the Reserve has participated in the National Atmospheric Deposition Program and in 2007 began with the Mercury Deposition Network to monitor long term atmospheric changes in our area.

This year due to Mother Nature, the reserve was forced to come up with a new way to supply these stations with energy. After considering all the options we decided that solar energy was our best long term alternative source of energy.

batteriesWe contacted our sponsor agencies to see what other stations were using alternative energy sources. Due the remote locations of some of these stations it was a tested course. The sponsor agencies suggested the company Northern Arizona Wind & Sun.

The process was fairly simple and straight forward, we ordered the equipment, and Patrick Hagan our Water Quality Technician and Aimee Gaddis our Stewardship Coordinator installed the panels, and solar equipment.